Friday, June 7, 2013

It has only just begun

I think possibly the outing that Kolby has done most frequent has been to our Fred Meyer store. It is only a mile away, it is brand spanking new (Haddie enjoyed the Grand Opening Day just last year), and I have received nothing but praise and support from every employee.

Yesterday, I went just because I needed to take Kolby some place. On days where I don't have a real agenda, other than exposure to life, it is fun to see what we come up with. It happened in the Children's Clothing Department.

I noticed that the circle racks were spaced evenly apart, side by side, and in two columns. I started walking each one in a figure 8 all the way down the eight racks, and all the way back. I was focused on teaching Kolby how to turn into me and away from me, depending on if we were turning Left or Right. He did awesome!!
The added bonus for the Children's Clothing Department, versus the adults, is that you get cracker crumbs and spilled juice on the floor as an obstacle to Leave. Kolby didn't even acknowledge the mess the multiple times we passed.

Kolby works the best on a Heal. I am working now on training on the Side position. We worked the figure 8 pattern on a Side too, and it was more challenging for Kolby. He was lagging on his leash, trying to get behind me to his favorite Heal position. Eventually he became more confident and stayed on the Side. We walked the rest of our outing on a Side.

Today, we returned because we are hosting a party on Sunday and I needed to order our photo-cake. Kolby sat patiently in a Heel while I talked to the Baker. That didn't take too long. We then traveled the rest of the store we didn't see yesterday.
a walking dog balloon - creative!
Because it was so early in the morning, there were limited shoppers, but a whole bunch of employees!! I think we passed just about every single one! They were very talkative and wanted to see Kolby. He was very proud of the attention, of course.

The loud speaker announced they were going to have a Team Meeting in ten minutes by the coffee shop. Oh, well how convenient - that is where I must Exit to my car. Of course I milled around until the ten minutes were up and exited as their big crowd was gathering, giving Kolby one more showcase and that we enjoy their interest and support of our training for Canine Companions. I learned that one of the employees had been a Guide Dog Puppy Raiser!! Awesome.

The employees will literally be watching Kolby grow and mature and continue his Rock Star Status for the next fourteen months. It has only just begun ...


  1. So cool!! Sounds like he is doing so great - awesome! Loved Fred Meyer .. ours are now Smiths :).

  2. Hi! Found your blog and good for Kolby! I too have had that happen where a certain place watched my pup grow up, so special! :) check out my blog and follow us, Romeo and I!