Tuesday, June 4, 2013


My daughter is taking her father's lead and dabbling in photography. While we were camping this weekend, my husband made a trade; riding my girl's mauve-colored mountain bike so our girl could use his pro-camera. The boys left the girls in the dust with Kolby as they made their adventure around the lake, and we took our sweet time playing with puppy. 
It is still rather difficult to capture all of his sweetness with him sporting the darker color, but I think my girl did a fabulous job of working with it.
I love his ears. They are long enough for him to put into his mouth and take them for a walk. I know this because he does this. 
I also love his expressions. He is absolutely the cutest when he tilts his head to one side, then the other as you talk to him. You can literally see his mind working as he concentrates deep into your soul to figure out the command of what you want him to do - or just figure out the words of the sweet-talk. 
Kolby is by far the most mellow five month old I have ever met. He has yet to disappoint me in public. But rest assured there are times at home when he is pure-puppy. That is when I remember his age and that he is perfectly normal - a touch of naughty in order to not take his awesomeness too seriously. 
Peaceful. That is Kolby. 


  1. Sweet - peaceful is a nice word to be said about you, Kolby!!

  2. She did awesome. And so amazed by Kolby! What a handsome pup!