Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ikea Ups and Downs

I love summer. I love summer because it means that my kids join me in socializing Kolby. This also means that I can actually take photos while we go. Alright, perhaps not the best quality photos from my old-version of a smart phone, but it is better than nothing.
Other than the photo opportunities, I love watching my kids work with Kolby. It seems that my daughter enjoys this part of Puppy Raising the most. She usually gets the leash for outings when we are all together. She is a great trainer; never letting our pups get out of line, and always quick on praising all of their good. She is very focused. I am so proud of her.
Kolby was the Rock Star at Ikea. My girl had him work on Ups and Downs throughout the store. We got a lot of customer's Oohs and Aahs when he would do an Up on the kitchen counters, because it wasn't their kitchen and it would never be their counter (for display only). Many didn't know there was a dog waiting for the command on the other side of the counter. It was adorable to see nothing ... and then to see Kolby peaking up over the top. Too Cute!
Kolby did Downs in the bedrooms and throughout the kitchen department. That didn't attract as much attention, but he was still cute nonetheless.
Ikea is a great place to socialize a puppy because the warehouse is just huge, with a maze of winding walkways and loads of opportunities to create good training among many shoppers walking every direction all the time. I will be coming back while the kids are in school many times during the winter months. The parking lot is fully covered with a large covered breezeway to the store. We get a lot of ugly weather here, so that is an important factor.

I did, however, find myself always checking the route signs to the store. I kept looking for the word E.X.I.T. just in case we needed to head that way for a Hurry break. Kolby is still a little young and we are learning together how long he can hold it. I find this to be the biggest mystery in Puppy Raising. That link between - "He has the command down 100% and can hold it forever" vs. "We better give him a chance to Hurry before he breaks." So far so good, but it is always on my mind.
Ikea Ups and Downs ... not bad with this Cutie as our focal.

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