Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Museum Outing

I met a friend in January through blogging. She had started reading my blog last summer, but I didn't know that until she made her first comment on my blog closer to the winter holiday season. I met her in person when it was Haddie's Bone Voyage Party in our puppy class the week before Turn In.
I remember she emailed me a sweet message the day Haddie Turned In. She has a way with words that really encourages me and lifts up my spirits. Life continued and we began to chat more and more. Then, her first CCI puppy arrived two days before Kolby. The rest is history ...
This past weekend we met in the big city for a Museum exploration with another Puppy Raiser and her dog who has an August Turn In Date. It was fun to have two young puppies, and an experienced pup to show them the ropes. Although, the two youngsters are doing a great job of holding their own. Rock Star Status.
We had fun playing with our puppies. Sometimes the creativity and fun really come out when you have multiple dogs walking the same adventure. Field trips are the best!! Not to mention the number of head turns when not one adorable puppy, but three come walking quietly by.
Summer has arrived with temps soaring in the high-80's to mid-90's over the weekend. It was the perfect setting to have our pups experience a Cafe. We dinned outside for lunch with shade for the puppies to slumber under our table and chairs. It worked perfectly, the pups were worn out from the stimulation in the Museum and all the walking about.
Before we parted for the day, we took the pups on a walk on the docks. They were awesome viewing the water under some of the spaces on the dock, and they had no problem laying down experiencing the movement of sailboats tied up, and those floating by too. A leisurely walk in the sun with two tired puppies was a great way to end the outing.
We swung into our Vet's office on the way home, and just shy of Kolby's 6 month birthday, Kolby weighed in at 44.4 pounds. He is all legs with long ears. He is known as our Chapter's Hound Dog. And yes, he can stumble over those lanky legs trying to get to his food bowl, or out the door. Heck, he can even trip over his feet just walking around the house!!
I love sharing outings with friends. It is just so much fun getting to know our CCI Family, sharing stories, asking questions, and talking off-puppy-topic too. Thankful for good friends, and awesome puppies who take training just as seriously as we do.


  1. I have not been to a museum with Novel yet...but it sounds like a fun challenge! I had to laugh a little when you mentioned Kolby's 6 month weight...Novel weighed 53 pounds at that age! Kolby must be very leggy indeed :)

  2. Yes, he is for sure all legs. I will need to work on getting a picture (or video) of this. Wow - 53lbs? That is a big boy. =)

  3. Now.. Just need me there and we could have a super duper fun trip! hehe

  4. Sounds like so much fun!!! Looks like everyone did so great!