Monday, July 15, 2013

Kolby is home

Kolby was gone for eight days and I only thought about him on days 1-3 and 5-8. HA! Seriously, I think I had one day where I totally forgot about both of my pups; they are such a part of our family.
We had fantastic Puppy Sitters that did a great job of keeping Kolby in-line. He is going through a growth spurt of ignoring and naughty, wrapped into a very mellow and well behaved puppy. In other words, he is going through his Adolescence and it is to be expected.
Bad timing for our Puppy Sitters, but they handled it well with great outings to a flooring store, Costco, Puppy Class, and a trip to the Airport where Kolby had his first Security Check (as they had to meet their guest at the gate), multiple walks with their Change of Career Canine Companions Puppy (who lives a very short distance around the block), and time working commands and playing.

Kolby came home and slept much of yesterday and today. I think the change in his environment for a week was just enough to wear him out. It made handling post-camping, unpacking, laundry responsibilities easier than a puppy that who was not exhausted. After the errands we ran together today, he just followed me around the house snoozing at my feet.
I am glad to have our Mister back. I missed his sweet face, his calm personality, and his little bit of mischievous to keep me working hard.


  1. Awww! I am so glad to have you blogging again. I have missed you and Kolby :)