Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Surgery Day

My poor little CCI Puppy, Mister Kolby, is at the Vet waiting his turn to be neutered. Tuesday is pre-scheduled surgery day at our Animal Hospital and I am confident that the surgeon will take good care of our boy.
In fact, I just received a phone call while I was typing and surgery was just complete. Bummer news is that it was an extra invasive surgery due to a situation we knew was coming for Kolby. Since he left CCI Santa Rosa, it has been listed on his Vet Record that he had not dropped both testicles. By now, it should have and so by waiting until he was older would have made no difference. A call to the Vet Clinic on campus this morning confirmed that being neutered was the continued route to go as he is a cross male, and bummer it had not dropped.
I will pick him up at 5p and get him fit with the Cone of Shame, just in case it is needed. I am crossing my fingers that he is too drugged up and too sore to even care about paying attention to it and that the cone will just sit unused in the laundry room.
They said his incision is long, and that stitches would need to come out next week, and to limit his activity. What was supposed to be an easy, quick, no hassle approach to getting this routine surgery done, has turned into a sad tale. My poor boy.
My son and I were joking that when he comes out of the meds and fully wakes up, we are curious if the Vet Tech will even notice. Our sweet puppy is still a very sleepy, slow-to-wake-up 6 month old that takes his own sweet time to stand up and start his day. She may be there awhile gently patting him to wake up, and he'll be thinking, "Lady - this IS awake!".
Kolby - I'm wishing you an easy and quick recovery with a strong body to overcome any discomfort, lots of awesome behavior, and the stories too boring to share on this blog. I am sorry this had to be done. If it were my choice, I would have kept ya' as is because you are just so darn adorable and smart. It would have been fun to have baby Kolby's running about some day. Stay strong, Buddy!! 

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