Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lucky Puppy

Our Vet Tech was right - I would be surprised at how quickly Kolby would bounce back from what looked like and sounded like a very painful ordeal. She gave him a shot of pain meds that would last 24 hours, reassured me to wait on purchasing extra pain meds, and as hour 25 rolled around it was clear that Kolby was fine. 
Arrival of Baby Kolby - 8 wks
48 hours later - he is still fine. No extra pain meds required. Amazing. 

I did sneak into the Veterinary Clinic today for a check of his stitches. What are actually signs of healing I took as signs of something had gone wrong. They don't look pretty, but they reassured me it is exactly perfect. I truly am a newbie at all-things-related-to-this-topic!!

The sweet front office woman that adores my Beagle and my CCI puppies took Kolby to the exam room while we waited in the lobby. A few minutes later my favorite Vet Tech came back with Kolby all smiles and praise for a super, amazing, well behaved puppy!! She and the front office woman raved how calm Kolby was and how perfectly still he was when he was laying down for the check. 
first snuggle at home - 8 wks
I know they are comparing Kolby to a standard pet-dog, and I know it is expected of him as a future Assistance Dog to behave so wonderfully and he has been bred to do so, but I also have to give him huge credit for doing so at just six months old; and for strangers. I can't take that away from him. He still has the choice to be misbehave and he didn't!! I was so happy to hear of their positive report.  
sleeping baby Mister - first day home
I am itching to get him out of the house and around the block or into a store or some place to get his mind working and off of just being lazy. I, too, would enjoy time out of the house with Mister. But I know the right thing to do is not to push it, and we will continue to play games here and work on commands. I am just so happy that he is not showing signs of pain.

Lucky Puppy ... 

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  1. The two weeks are going to be a pain in the butt.. but when it's all over.. you will be glad it isn't something you have to deal with.. nor do you have to deal with hormones anymore haha!