Saturday, July 6, 2013


We have been busy all day running from pet sitters to grocery store, over to another store, back to the grocery store, washing, folding, packing, loading all in anticipation of heading out on vacation Puppy-less.

The kids and I put both dogs in the car (so bummed I didn't snap a photo - it was adorable) first thing this morning, headed over to one part of town to drop off our beagle at the Breeder of this lovely pet.
It is the perfect hang-out vacation spot for our little girl (who is now 8 years old). Spoiled and loved because her "puppy raiser" (actually the woman that made our girl a National Grand Champion in the show ring) gets to have her back whenever we leave on vacation. Thankful. This week Cora gets to play not only with her beloved Herbie, but a new 6 month beagle puppy named Tiny. They will have so much fun together!

Then, we drove the opposite direction on the other side of our area to drop off Kolby at a CCI Puppy Sitters house. Their first puppy Turned In the same day with Haddie - we started Puppy Raising our firsts at the same time and got to support one another on that magical Turn In experience. Their puppy (a black male) is now living down the street and around the corner from them in a very loving home. They are happy to be able to puppy sit him every once in awhile, but they were excited to get a "puppy" under their roof again.

Welcome Kolby!!!

As with any first, I am a little nervous and praying that Kolby shows off his good side. Because not all puppies are perfect all the time, this little guy has a Mischievous Side to him.
But then he also has a very Curious Side which is just adorable and encouraging to watch. You can see his brain working and you just know that together a great team is forming into Rock Star Status.
Finally, there is of course, his ever popular and thankfully the most shown personality - the Sweet Side. Ahh, I hope this is the one that is shown the most because when he is sweet, he is just so melt-your-heart-perfect.
Kolby toured her house while we watched him sniff and explore. So far so good. He got a little antsy when it was time to put on his Gentle Leader to go in the front to say Goodbye to us. He was testing his Puppy Sitter already (sigh), but I have no doubt that was his one and only puppy-play-dance with the leash. I think he was just giving me a little bit of a question mark so I could stew just a little while trying to relax on vacation.

But in the end, as we stood chatting for a good while on her driveway, Kolby immediately plopped down next to the Puppy Sitter and stayed. As we made our way to the car with Kolby not in tow, and as we backed out of the driveway without him, he just remained in a Down, panting a smile of relaxation, happy to have been left behind.

Ahh, what a cute boy.

Stay Tuned - I will post upon our return next weekend on the Puppy Sitter's Kolby Update. Paws crossed.

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  1. and... Break!!! :) I can't wait to see how Mister Kolby does..he seriously is so darn cute.. I am really hoping to come up there in time to get to know him :) Have fun you guys.