Saturday, July 6, 2013

Haddie Update

Earlier this week we received Haddie's June Progress Report. While Haddie is still sporting College Life in Santa Rosa, she received her first negative check marks in the available boxes. Her written report explained, but I am so curious what "this all means". I know just a week ago she was invited to August Team Training, so either her naughty came out after the invite, or they are willing to work with her, or they will ignore the negatives as her positives outweigh.

I am not really sure.

Other than, this is the snapshot of Haddie in the month of June:

In the Training and Commands category she is working on: Basic, Retrieve, Hold, Get, Tug/Drop, Push, Light, Switch, Interactive, Ambulatory, and Wheelchair.

In Behaviors (part 1), Haddie received all boxes marked in the positive categories except for the one titled "interacts appropriately with dogs." That was the only box left blank (a first in all of her reports). In Behavior (part 2), Haddie received the following negative boxes marked; Forging, Rough Play With Other Dogs, and Whining.

I will admit that I was disappointed to read the negatives because they are not typical Haddie, especially the Whining. This puppy was silent, and I mean silent, from 13 weeks to Turn In. The Forging, while it was never reported in prior Advanced Training Progress Reports, there were times when I had to work with her on this. And we all know the "rough play with other dogs" was my occasional write-up on the Blog with our pet Beagle.

I am not sure if Haddie is getting bored, tired, stressed, or she just figured out that she's gonna be there awhile and she has settled in and her true-self is coming out. Regardless of the reason, as I will never know, this was the state of Haddie in the month of June. I have to accept it and not question, and not worry!

The comments stated:

Haddie has been introduced to the Switch, Tug and Leash commands this month. Haddie has continued to make good progress during training sessions and has required a low level of management during field trips. She has been forging when on a Let's Go and has recently begun whining on tie-down in the training room when it is close to exercise time. We will continue to monitor and work on these behaviors. Haddie has not had any incidents of barking inappropriately this month and while she plays roughly with other dogs, she has generally been responsive to verbal recall when necessary. 

The Report ended on a good note with the Overall Performance of Fear categories all check marked as Low (yay!), Overall Performance in Distractibility marked as Low (yay!), and Overall Performance of Energy and Training marked as Moderate (which is better than a Low mark).

Haddie - wishing you the knowledge to know what it is that you want your life to be. We are proud of either choice you make! Keep happy and wag your tail. xxoo


  1. You go girl... I guess that she maybe did a little too much partying and not as much studying in the kennels some nights this month.. Guess she thought she was there long enough to let it slip. She will be just fine.. I know it. :) Not very easy to see negatives when there hasn't been a negative before.. but it's ok!!! Kinda cool to think about.. our girls might be friends... I bet they have met! :)

  2. That's so cool you get a report. And that they are honest with you about her progress. Although it's so tough to see negatives. I'm sure it's just Haddie telling them she wants to move on and find herself a partner in August and get to working for real!! Hoping it's nothing that will hold her back! She's a great dog and you did well!

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Friends!! I am still holding out hope ... can't wait to see the final answer. This crazy-unknown is kinda fun, but tiring. =)