Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kolby Weekend Adventure

Best Weekend Ever with Mister ~ escaping just an hour away on the other side of the mountains to a hidden campground with lake and mountain range views from every campsite. Ideally, the main thoroughfare through our state would be a further distance from the camping facilities, but the roar of the freeway added a little white noise - we said it was the ocean. Add a little music to our outdoor speakers and the white noise turned into nothing. We had such a fantastic weekend, that we came home to book another stay in August.
Kolby experienced so much in just 48-hours. His puppy report this month has started off with a long list of firsts; the first being a ride in our RV. I debated on whether to let him ride "freestyle" with a tie-out under our table with him in his car seat vest, versus riding in his crate that fit perfectly between our queen size bed and the wall in the back of the RV. Although he would be secluded in the back in the crate, I opted for this choice because it seemed more secure and less overwhelming to Kolby.
Naptime after our hike
It turned out to be a good choice. My daughter had a peek-a-boo view of him while we traveled down the road, and she said that he just slept the entire way. First of the firsts was a success, we were off to a great start!
Once parked, we continued rotating him from his crate, to the tie-out under the table when we all needed our hands-free, or when Kolby needed to take a nap. Sometimes the crate was outside, sometimes it was in the back by my bed. He enjoyed the tie-out under the table when we were inside with him because he could watch every move we made. He is such an observer! And no, he did not have to go to the end of his tie-out, but he chooses to that. It seems so uncomfortable, but apparently it isn't to Kolby. He slept in his crate at night next to my side of the bed, and that was kind of nice to have him so close (he has always slept in his own room at home). Unlike Haddie, who was the Queen of Snoring like a Grandpa, Kolby is a silent sleeper. It made for a peaceful night's rest for all of us.
Kolby's eyes were wide to the world, and I admit that he was slow to get comfortable with his surroundings. He was extremely obedient on everything, but he was very cautious about following through on his Hurry command. This is the perk of taking him out on-leash at our house to Hurry every. single. time. I know his routine. And he was skipping every mark that he would have hit at home. Sigh.
"Do I have to?"
Instead of Hurry, he would stare into the distance, sniffing the air, looking very wise that he is so famous for showing-off. Or, he would sit and give me his best puppy-dog-eyes. When I finally got him to focus back on me, he knew what I wanted him to do. And then - his tail showed every sign that he was not comfortable. Poor guy. I tried hard not to give him the attention of sweet talking him, that just makes a dog more nervous. I had to hold firm, and it was killing me inside - I really wanted to scoop him up and give him a big ol'hug and whisper into his ear, that everything was fine and that he had to really obey me.

Eventually - he did obey!! Celebration Dance right there by the campsite dumpster! I have no shame.

It remained a struggle for the rest of the weekend, but slowly he was getting better obeying that one command. It has always been a struggle for him when we are in public, but he must get passed it if he is going to Graduate. He can't be shy and think he can hold it until we get home, because there will be times when we aren't going home for days. And wouldn't you know - he was back on target as soon as we entered the house this afternoon. Like clockwork.
Kolby obeying a Visit
Kolby's Weekend Adventure - stayed tuned for more "Adventurous" topics other than Hurry - I promise they will be shared. Even though he never had an accident (whew - that would have been worse), the "holding it forever, I don't have ears, I can't hear you" attitude of Mister was a definite struggle in our weekend. But if that is my worst, I think Team Kolby is well on their way to a successful outcome.

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