Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yesterday I picked up Kolby from his two and a half week stay in Prison. I was so excited to get my long legged Mister back into our house. While the weeks flew by with activities and prepping for our road trip, I was excited to get back into the routine of Puppy Raising. Seeing Haddie, meeting Sharon, and being on the campus of Canine Companions over the weekend really spiced up my motivation that I need Kolby to graduate. I want to go to Graduation all over again!
Because I had already received a tour of the correctional facility where Kolby had stayed, I didn't have to go on base to pick him up. It was a much faster and easier pickup. We both arrived about fifteen minutes ahead of schedule, and as I was pulling into the McDonald's parking lot - I could see his ears flapping in the breeze in the gravel lot adjacent to where the Parole Officer's truck was parked. 

Aww, my boy!!
Kolby didn't have the same reaction that Haddie did when he saw me (wink), but he came prancing my way and put his head between my knees ~ something he is famous for doing; it is his way of giving love to you. I returned lots of love to him before I loaded him in the car. He caught a slight cold over the weekend along with his puppy-mates in training, so I am sure that had something to do with his tired behavior, but at the same time, I am sure that Prison wore him out (all in a good way).
Soon we were on the road and traveling the opposite direction to pickup our Beagle who had been staying with our sweet friend, and breeder, of Cora. She had a week of fun among her sized beagle friends, three in fact ran that household, and when I pulled into the driveway, I saw three adorable little Beagle Heads baying from the living room window. My baby girl was leading the pack. 

It was good to have both pups loaded into the car to head home and get back to routine. After a bath for both, they promptly fell asleep in their kennels while air drying the remaining damp from their yummy smelling fur. 
It feels great to see my long legged black handsome guy roaming the house. People have asked if his behavior has changed and while I don't believe in jinxing ... I will have to clarify ... that so far so good. For a dog that was already mellow, he seems to have mellowed out even more. He is not as fidgety when he is hanging out in the house. He has chosen to lay down at my feet multiple times, rather than continuous wandering. He is more quick to listen and follow commands. We will continue to work on both, as we want to capture in praise his awesome choices and keep moving forward. 

YAY - so happy to have my baby boy and girl back home. 

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