Monday, November 18, 2013

Ten Months

Ten important facts about Kolby during his 10th month:

1. Kolby weighs 66.5 pounds with a height of 25" to his shoulder.

2. Kolby loves car rides. I drive a Rav4 and I have a pet-seat-belt harness that I have clipped to the cargo ties in the back of the Rav that he wears when he rides. With the arm rest divider down in the backseat, he has the option to rest his head forward facing. Kolby's ride of choice, however, is sitting up straight looking out the back window. For my entertainment, it is fun to turn on the back windshield wiper to watch him jump with a startled motion as it gets started.

3. Kolby has always walked perfectly on a loose leash. He came this way, and it is heaven taking him up or down staircases on outings.

4. Kolby loves to stretch. Give him space and he will sprawl out his long legs and take up everything in his path. He has never been one to bounce out of his kennel, rather he takes the slow motion route and enjoys every moment of his stretch and roll.

5. Kolby has many nicknames. The first was given to him early in life when as a baby-puppy he would snap the air like a Gator at anything that moved across his path, hence his affectionate name became Kolby Gator. Thankfully he has matured and we use that only in memory of his highly playful side. His mature nickname is now Kolby Jack, after the yummy cheese we all love just like him. And finally, Mister ... just because it fits so perfectly.
6. Kolby will snore like a Grandpa when he is cradled in your arms, or on your lap, or beside you. He rarely snores when he is sleeping solo.

7. Kolby's best feature are his eyes that melt all those that have the joy of seeing him. He has just enough Golden Retriever droop to them, and amber coloring from the Labrador, to make you give in to whatever it is he is pleading for.

8. Kolby is not perfect; his naughty side is just his way of keeping all of us real. You know he is naughty when his ears perk, his skin flashes forward to make his face all wrinkled, his bum is in the air, and his tail is going wild. You haven't experienced Kolby Naughty until you have seen this.

9. Kolby loves his front paws so much that he wants to share them with anyone and everything. He has been known to tackle your feet with a two-front-paw jump, he boxes the air around playmates to get their attention, and he will always, always rub his face with his front paws when he wakes up in the morning.

10. Kolby is a gem. He has the intelligence of a highly attentive working dog, the mellowness of an old farm dog, a bounce in his step that keeps him a leader, and the heart of an angel. At 10 months old, he has already become an amazing light and love to all those that have the pleasure of spending time with him.
I love you, Kolby, Kolby Gator, Kolby Jack, Mister ... my baby. 


  1. It's uncanny how many similar characteristics Kolby and Jet have, other than they are both beautiful black labs. Before I got Jet I had read how Kolby takes his sweet time waking up and getting out of the kennel. Jet does this, too. He stretches, falls over, won't get up, etc. Jet also snores when he's snuggling, although he also snores when he's alone. And Jet, too, is a dream on a leash and always has been! I'm worried because I'm SO in love with Jet! Heartbreak waiting to happen here!

  2. When you post about Jet, I think "How can Kolby and Jet NOT be related?!" I have thought the same so many times. They are dream puppies, aren't they? Continue to focus on that Graduate - it will help with the heartbreak (wink).