Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kolby Car Rides

Kolby loves to ride in the car. Our curious puppy enjoys sitting straight up and taking in all the different sights that we pass. He doesn't care if the car is moving forward, in reverse, or going around a sharp corner. He is all about the view and having the ride.
When I met the Parole Officer off-site the day Kolby started his Prison Sentence - HA! - I know, so dramatic ... we had arrived early and I was playing with my phone. After time enjoying the view from the car of the parking lot, Kolby laid down and waited for his next adventure.
I love his calm demeanor. For as much PUPPY as he acts, on the silly side with much personality, he does have a very calm nature that is great at just doing, well ... nothing.
I miss my Mister, but I am also thankful that the calendars aligned because we have stepped up the busy around here so we are prepared for that final Haddie phone call to jump into the car and start our long road trip to Canine Companions. I am glad that Kolby's life has been filled with much attention and training, as he would not be getting that much around here lately.

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