Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kolby's got keys

I don't really know "why" it was so important to buy Kolby his own set of keys. I mean, realistically, if I am giving keys for Kolby to train and practice carrying around (whether inside, outside, or during a public adventure), do I really think that I am going to be so careless as to let him drop them and not retrieve them?!
But it is the peace of mind that said keys are not mine which allows me to relax during the training process. Hence, I purchased keys for Kolby. Explaining to the Hardward Man that I did not want my five keys cut was fun, and a great public service announcement for Canine Companions. Working it every chance I get.

Kolby loves to carry anything and everything around in his mouth. The trick is not allowing him to chew anything and everything that lands in his mouth. That part is a work in progress. I have found that a good game of Fetch usually does the trick pretty quickly.

 I love how happy Kolby is when he has a job to do. This dog loves to work; he is best behaved while working. An idle mind for Kolby has the opportunity to open up a can of naughty ~ not so much now that he is nearing his 1st Birthday, but it isn't fully guaranteed either.

Kolby's got Keys ... and my girl's got Driver's Ed next month!

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  1. Two kiddos getting keys! At least only one of them gets some for the car! :)