Saturday, November 16, 2013

Meeting Kashi

While we were in California last week, we were so excited when we got a text from the Puppy Raiser of Kolby's sister Kashi. She lives in the area of Santa Rosa and had a free evening to meet up with us at the hotel. It had been a long day, but nothing was going to stop us from meeting Kashi and chatting with her Puppy Raiser. 
The photos show my tiredness, but I am counting on the fact that Kashi is the focus of these pictures. She was so mellow, it really made me wonder if Kolby was just the loose canon in the family. I really don't know how to explain Kolby - he is mellow, but yet busy. He is wise, but yet can stare at you and do nothing. He is sweet, but yet has a prankster side. 
(Well, happy to report all of this has changed for Kolby, but since I am writing this a week later, those were the thoughts going through my head as Kashi was at my side). 
I would describe Kashi as a lover; she is very mellow and loved to do the Visit command. The photo below shows Kashi doing a Visit on my son's hand for minutes; resting peacefully. She will make a fabulous teammate for any Canine Companions recipient; whether that is Service, Companion, or Therapy. Kashi has it. 
I actually got to enjoy Kashi and her Puppy Raiser more than once, because there was a little something the two two-leggeds forgot to do when we were together the first time. So the second time I also was so lucky to meet Kashi's roommate, Zaire. Zaire Turned In the same day as Haddie and was proudly chosen as a Breeder for Canine Companions. She is one sweetheart and I can not wait until it is her turn to be a Momma. She will be fantastic and her puppies equal. 
I love the friendship between Zaire and Kashi. They both just sat in the car while the two Puppy Raisers chatted. What good dogs. 
Thank you, C, for letting us meet Kashi as a big girl, and for bringing Zaire too. I appreciate the time you took to hang with us ~ and I'm looking forward to some Sibling Play Time on August 14th, the night before Turn In. You are doing fabulous work with Kashi - nice job!

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