Friday, November 1, 2013

Kolby Plays Dress-Up

We got to enjoy an outing with Kolby before he left for 2.5 weeks, and the outing was prior to Halloween, so you can imagine the fun we had at the Party Store.

Here is our photo journey: 
This scary sea monster-gross-looking-thing would bob up and down from this can as creepy noises were made from nearby speakers. My girl opted to take Kolby through the store, which meant she had to get close to this monster just as Kolby had to too. Kolby was fine with all the sight and sounds, and was very interested in the moving creature inside, but not enough to warrant any extra training to get him desensitized. Kolby is one curious pup by nature. 
The body bag with a gross head was mechanical, so the head shifted from left to right while the eyes flashed. Kolby found this to be the person he was meant to help that night, and while his ears were perked and he flashed his head-tilt a few times at the moving head, Kolby eventually decided on his own that laying down was just about the best he could do for this body-less creature. 
The scary sections of the store were over for the night, but I love how Mister is holding the paw of my girl - as if to say, don't leave me!! We found the costume section with bits and pieces for the puppies to try on. We came away from the Party Store with the knowledge that Kolby needs to play more dress up at home. I wouldn't say he fought us on trying anything on - but he just seemed too hesitant of the idea. I mean, really - look at his facial expressions!! 
Work with us, Kolby. This is fine and part of your job description. You don't know ~ you might be paired with a sweet little girl who wants nothing more than her dog dressed in glasses, hats, scarves, and tutu's. 
I know you are enjoying time in Prison, my sweet Mister, because I have heard firsthand that you are responding well to your new training schedule. YAY! 

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