Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Adventures with Ace | Day Five

Sometimes it's just the little things that can make a difference to a puppy. Ace and I picked up shopping today and I am finding that this little buddy is very much into his world. He knows what is going on at all times. He is one smart puppy.
I never thought about mannequins until I had Haddie visit a store for the first time. She was literally stunned in her tracks to see a non-scented human. It really took me back by surprise that she was so curious about this motionless human structure. Eventually it became a no brainer for her, but the process was one we worked on. Kolby was interested in them too, but he wasn't as phased as Haddie had been - he just wanted to get their attention and a few loves, but it never happened.

Today, Ace was in a Heel Sit position when I noticed he was gazing intently at something ahead of us. I looked to find this headless mannequin:
HA!! Yeah, that would freak me out too if I thought it were real life. Upon closer inspection Ace was still not too sure about this head-less woman. We spent some time hanging out by "her" until he lost interest in the novelty.
We found fun balloon dogs on a leash. I remember when Kolby got his photo taken with them too. Ace was very interested in their float and natural bounce. Again, we spent time until he figured it was not a toy, and they were not going to harm him.
Next, the indoor swimming pool was calling Ace's name. I like taking the dogs here because the way in which sound travels is so different than other places, not to mention the strong smell of chlorine (not a common scent), and splashing children.
All was going fine with the baby class, Ace seemed to be bored, but then the toddlers arrived and the outing got more interesting.
Ace perked up his ears at the sounds of their squeals and chatter about "a dog at the pool". Although the class was not right in front of us, as I had hoped, it still created the affect I was hoping this outing would carry. Every splash of kicking feet got Ace to sit up straight in curiosity. If we happened to be able to get closer, I wouldn't doubt that he'd want to jump right in to join them.
Sounds of doors closing behind employees who were working-about created a much bigger sound than a regular door in a building, and Ace was aware. He was non-stop Mr. Attention to Detail, but every time I said his name, he would respond with good eye contact.
This included when he was focused on the pool action. I am so proud of him. It was a great outing to the swimming pool with Ace!! However, I wish we both could have gone for a swim.
We ended the night with a long car ride to Puppy Class. The kids and I have not been to a class in a very long time, due to Kolby's leave in August. It felt so good to be back in the action among previous and new peers. We had a great time reconnecting with our Contract Trainer, and we had great dialogue as a class throughout. It was really fun.
Oh, right - we were there to train Ace!! Yeah, this cutie was a rock star and didn't have any issue. To be expected, as Command work is Ace's specialty. I love working a well trained dog. They just float.

Ace - ours days together are coming to a close. I can't believe we only have two full days left before you return home. I am seriously going to miss you, Buddy!! 

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