Monday, January 26, 2015

Adventures with Ace | Day Three

Let's all go to the movies, Let's all go to the movies ...
Ace wanted to see Paddington today while the kids were learning at school, so I found a theater that had an early showing. When I have taken my previous Puppies in Program to the movies during a school day, the theater was pretty dead. I had about five people joining Haddie and me for the Disney film Chimpanzee on Earth Day 2012, and o.n.e. additional person watching Frozen a year ago January on Kolby's birthday. I thought the same was going to be true today; especially after picking the 9:50am showing.

I began to question my purpose as I was driving the distance to get to the theater. But I learned a valuable lesson, every outing is an adventure and serves a purpose. I was pleasantly surprised to find that while the lobby was empty, the theater had already begun filling up with small children with parents when we entered. I learned later that the school district that serves this theater's zip code did not have school today. We lucked out.
I found an empty row and sat in the middle. This was the first movie theater I had been to where the seat bottoms did not flip up. They were stationary in the down position and they were rather low to the ground. This made for an interesting situation with Ace. I opted for his bum to be somewhat "Under" and his head and shoulders to be facing forward. This actually worked best so that I could see his reaction to the popcorn spilling, the wiggly feet dangling, and the movie screen ahead of him between the seats of the mother/daughter who chose to sit in them before the feature began.

When Kolby went to the movies, he actually watched the movie. The entire movie. The. Entire. Movie. I was shocked and found it that much more enjoyable (as if Frozen needed any additional enjoyment added!). I was thinking that perhaps Ace would watch it too as he had a prime view.
Eventually, a family of 6 sat right next to us, and with the mother/daughter in front of us, I settled in for a great Puppy Raiser opportunity to teach this young boy movie manners. That is, until Ace swirled his head from side to side, pausing briefly to sniff the air of popcorn and sweets, and then turned his head away from the movie screen, and rested his head on his front leg.
Light's out for the theater, and lights out for Ace. The End. I watched Paddington essentially alone. Sigh.
The valuable lesson learned - you can't predict the outing, so just go for it!! No matter if the theater is empty or full, if popcorn spills or doesn't, if people ask to pet Ace or not, the adventure in learning is just that - it is an adventure, so take it.

Ace's evening was spent listening to Piano Lessons that I teach from my home. Ace did stellar and held a long Down (no tie out) for the hours spent teaching back to back lessons. This was my view:
This was Ace as soon as the students started playing.
The student's loved having a puppy again attend their lessons. Ace received his attention after each lesson and it was so fun to see him melt into the young kiddo's arms. He is such a sweet and loving, big boy. I'm really going to miss him when he heads back home. We will have round two of lessons tomorrow.
I believe in you, Buddy. 

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