Friday, January 30, 2015

Adventures with Ace | Day Seven

Our final full day with Ace. The weather is beautiful and we enjoyed a lot of today outside. A nice walk during the morning, and time spent watching a Neighborhood Football Game after the kids returned from their half-day at school. It has been a relaxing and lovely day with Ace.
Dear Ace, 

I first met you while I was visiting JBLM to do an interview with the Parole Officer about an article I was writing for our Chapter of Canine Companions. You were a very fluffy 10-ish weeks old and had a sparkle to your eye that you still have today. The Parole Officer was doing some commands with you in her office where we met, and I was stunned at how smart you were at such a young age. Every one was in love with Ace!!

You grew-up and we were reunited just this week. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was ready to meet any challenge that you brought forward. However, you didn't bring any to the table. 

You are a very compliant puppy. Your house manners are impeccable, and if all the puppies raised could be as house mannered as you - I could easily have five at a time. You listen and follow directions every. single. time. Your handlers should be very proud of you. 

You are so loving. You love to get attention from any person who is willing to take a moment to give it to you. While you don't solicit for attention, you are always ready to receive with a wagging tail and a cute smile. And sometimes, you just lean in so far that you actually know how to "hug". Your happiness is contagious. 

But you also have a silly side that keeps it real. I have lost count on how many times you have bonked your head on something because you were traveling forward but looking backwards. So many times I gave out a warning of "Ohhh, watch it ..." and thunk - there goes your nose right into the side of the workbench, or the corner of the wall, or the arm of the couch, or the side of the kitchen island, etc. You have to remember that life is just as interesting ahead of you as it is behind you. 

Which leads me to the fact that you are very observant. Nothing gets past you - your head is always in motion figuring out this sound and that. But the good news is that you respond to your name. You will check in with your handler when asked. This is the important key to have in your life, so always remember to look at the person saying your name. 

Thank you for coming into our life, even for just a week, because you brought with you a sense of calm, a smile that only a Golden can give, laughter that we were missing over a four-legged, and so much love. And as far as your hair? Yeah, it may be all over the cargo area of my car, but the journey was so worth every single leave-behind. 

We see a bright journey ahead for you, Ace. We will be following your journey in Santa Rosa, cheering you on with your fan club up North, and praying for all good things for you. Stay strong, continue minding your manners and working hard, and before you know it - you will be flying independence with your new partner just like the Ace that you are. 
Much love, Ace. 
Your Puppy Sitters 

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