Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Adventures with Ace | Day Four

My original plans with Ace got postponed until tomorrow. My girl sent me a text just as we were getting organized to leave that she needed to come home from school. Her congested head and laryngitis was too much to handle while at school. It didn't work out as planned when she left this morning. No big deal, we were still able to give Ace some training at the house. 
Although, not so exciting as to create an entirely lengthy blog-post over (wink).  The highlights were his ability to greet two visitors calmly at the door and maintain his manners while the visitors were here. My sister-in-law stopped by and stayed a bit to catch up, and my neighbor came over just to see Ace face to face. It was pretty cute that he has a mini fan club already from being a visiting puppy. He is pretty magnetic that way. 
Other highlights consisted of keeping my girl company by laying next to the couch where she slept, and following me around doing commands as I did some house cleaning. It is much more fun to have a puppy shadow while cleaning the house than not. I have missed that. 

Tonight was the final round of piano lessons for the week and Ace did stellar. This time he greeted my students at the door by maintaining a Sit and keeping calm during his greeting. Then he followed us into the living room where he obeyed the Down command next to my chair. At the end of every lesson, he received lots of praise and love from each student. Every student jokingly asked if they could take him home. 
My last piano family are sweet friends who we had planned to have Haddie live with if she was chosen as a Change of Career Puppy. She graduated, and while they were happy for her success, they were also torn that the bond they had made with her, after seeing her every Monday from her 8 weeks to 20 months, had come to a forever end. It was hard. 

They have supported our raising of Kolby and have just been amazing to share the ups and downs of Puppy Raising. I hope one day their schedule allows for them to become Puppy Raisers. I know they would be amazing at this volunteer role. One day ... 
When it was their turn for lessons, I didn't have Ace stay in a Down by my side. Instead I let my friend (the mom) have complete control of Ace. It is correct to say that they. were. both. on. Cloud. 9. It was a great way to end Ace's Piano Lesson experience as the two just cuddled and enjoyed each other's company for the entire lesson. I kept hearing her ooh's and ahhs', and Ace's soft purr of snores as he melted into her. It was adorable and a great memory. 

Tomorrow we will pick up where we left off and hit the road with more adventures. 

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