Thursday, January 29, 2015

Adventures with Ace | Day Six

Ace and I had so much fun today. We went to a museum that couldn't have been any more perfect. This was not your standard "Please be quiet" type of Museum, but rather it was interactive with lots of exhibit sounds, and a just an overall great training opportunity.
Our first order of business when we arrived was to visit the Space Station section of the Museum, which happened to be across the street. It meant that we had to use a pedestrian bridge over a very busy street (although the photos can't prove that). Ace found that trucks are louder than cars when you stand over them. He had no issue with the height of the bridge or the movement underneath him. It was fun to snap a few photos.
This particular building was funded by, dedicated to, and named after the parent's of a very close friend of mine. If you have been following my blog since the beginning, you know that I have a friend who gives me one thousand percent support on Puppy Raising and has been on many adventures with Haddie and Kolby. She is a treasured friend. The Spaceflight Academy is new since Kolby's departure ~ I was happy I had a great puppy in Ace to take with me to see it for the first time.
I noticed that every section of the museum there were sounds coming from different speakers in all different places (sometimes from the ceiling, sometimes from the floor, sometimes the wall), or we'd pass a room with no door where one could sit and watch a film on a large screen. There was plenty of noises all around us, and so it was good for Ace to have that added distraction. It is amazing how much I focus on my surroundings when I have a Puppy in Program in tow. 
When we were done with the space-section, we paused on the bridge again on our return to the main campus of the museum. 
I thought this was just too cute. I figured that Ace would appreciate his picture by this particular plane in a room full of choices of World War planes and bombers.
We passed a few kiddos on field trips and every student warned their peer "don't touch the dog, it's working.".... "don't touch the dog" ... "you aren't supposed to touch them" ... "he's so cute, I want to touch him" ... "I wish I could touch him".  I give credit to the kiddos of our society - they get it!! Unlike the grown man (not part of the field trip) who walked by and patted Ace on the head. While we were standing. Doing nothing but observing people. Ace just got a pat on the head. I smirked and watched the man continue to walk away. Had the field trip kiddos not been following the museum tour guide to their next destination, I would have piped up and said, "I over heard you talking and ..." all the children would have been offered to love Ace!!
I have found, like Haddie, and like a lot of puppies who are raised for Canine Companions, that over time, the puppies start to snub the camera. As the day continued Ace got less and less interested in looking at the camera. Apparently, I had overused my right to photograph his handsomeness. That's ok, I got this one to remember my view of outings with sweet Ace. 
Before we returned to the car, we stood in the parking lot which is next to the largest airfield in our area. Private planes, jets, and helicopters use this strip, big cargo planes take off and land here, as well as the military. While we were there, we got to see this little private jet take off. One would think it would be a tiny noise from across the strip, but I can assure you those little jets are mighty loud. Look at Ace's ears pinned back to the noise in the second photo. That was his only movement - he didn't get up from his commanded Sit, or move a muscle. Nice work, Ace!!
And then - my heart sank. Just as I was turning onto the main road from the parking lot for our return home, I noticed a HUGE Navy plane coming in for a landing. Ohhhhhh, Aaaaaacccceeeee - we missed it!!! I was crushed. It would have been the. perfect. experience. ever. (for myself and Ace)!!

It just means you will have to return for another Puppy Sitting Adventure, my friend!!

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