Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Flying Adventure

We took Phantom to the Toyota Dealership to have my car get it's regular service checkup. We spent about thirty minutes in the customer service waiting area where Phantom was stared at by a gentleman who decided he needed to sit right. next. to. us. no matter that there were 25 other seats to choose from around the room.

I honestly wouldn't have minded it so much if the gentleman didn't make it so obvious to his lack of personal space. He never talked to me, didn't even look at me, he was fixated on Phantom. And well, Phantom felt the strangeness of it all too, and chose to turn his head the opposite direction and fell asleep.
Once that new experience was over, we left for the city to enjoy one of our favorite Museums and our favorite park. When we first arrived we parked next to the airport landing and we were lucky enough to have a plane land right when we were getting out of the car. Phantom saw it, heard it, and thought it was pretty neat too. Although his version of "pretty neat" is perking his ears and then looking at his Handler, rather than jumping up and down and getting excited.

One of the neat things about Puppy Sitting is that you don't really know what is new to the puppy and what is not. So you just consider everything is new to the puppy and you spy the pup's reaction to get a clue. From the reactions of Phantom today, I'd say he's been around the world a few times to every location possible. Everything seemed like he had experienced it before.
The trucks and cars passing under him were no-big deal, so we kept going to the Space Center where we decided to leave this planet and take a spin into Space.
That last picture I had to chop off much of Phantom in order to show the darkness of Space ... pretty amazing how talented we are to fight gravity and all that without a space suit.
Upon our return back to reality - we decided to hop on a plane and hit the sky to Santa Rosa, although his Puppy Raiser wasn't too thrilled with that text message and picture. We assured her it was all pretend and that we really were just in the same town and didn't go anywhere. 
So Phantom opted to sit in the Control Tower and listen for incoming and outgoing flights that were really happening on that runway that we parked next to. It was really interesting. If there had been a flight to Canada, I bet I could have gotten Phantom's Puppy Raiser to meet us and the two would have caught the flight and been outta here in less than an hour. But no planes were flying North. Phantom was dreaming ...
We took the glass elevator back to the first floor to our car to take on our next adventure.  
The Big City was calling our name. There is a favorite park that overlooks the water and the city. We were the only ones there and we enjoyed the quiet. My daughter is a hobby photographer and she enjoyed taking photos of Phantom. There are too many to post, but over time I am sure the good ones will make it on the blog. I am saving most of them first to show Phantom's Puppy Raiser. But here is a sneak peak. 
We had such a great day with this Prince. He is perfect to work, fun to be around, and makes us smile as he wags his tail and leans in for some loves.

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