Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter and Monday

We started our Easter off at Church where Phantom promptly laid at our feet and fell asleep. He didn't move for the entire Service.
After church we hosted our family of 17 for Easter and while I thought about taking photos of Phantom roaming the house, I was pulled in different directions hosting and never got around to actually snapping a picture. But I have 17 witnesses that would say he was a pure gentleman who quietly slipped in and out of the crowd as he weaved his way through our house following me.

It was actually kind of surprising how quickly he stuck to me as his leader. I was really expecting him to enjoy the loads of new faces and the attention. But rather he sincerely followed me, passing people up to keep at my side. I will admit, it was kinda cool that he trusted me and wanted to be with me. He was the perfect house guest for our large crowd.
Monday arrived bright and early with a dentist appointment, and then spread throughout the day, each kiddo had an orthodontist appointment. Phantom is the most chill-dog I have ever met. This blog is going to get real boring because there is nothing to report. He just does this ...
And people stare and think he is adorable. And I smile back and the conversation starts about Puppy Raising, about the prison program, about Canine Companions, about Phantom, about us, etc, etc, etc.

The rest of Monday was spent relaxing as a family with Phantom. We didn't do a whole bunch but it felt awesome to just talk and watch movies and hang out at the house between quick trips to our three appointments.

Phantom enjoyed the lazy day too. He didn't move much in his day ... except from the hardwood to the carpet to someone's lap to the carpet to the hardwood.
We are going to miss him when he returns to his home and Puppy Raisers. 

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