Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bunny Phantom

Today was our 12th annual Easter Egg Hunt on our one street neighborhood, and while my kiddos have grown away from actually hunting, we always enjoy the social time with neighbor friends as Winter thaws and Spring arrives. It is a good time to regroup after being inside for months, and watching the next generation of neighbor kids have so much fun!!!
Phantom's Parole Officer knew he was going to an Egg Hunt this morning, so she packed his Bunny Ears for the occasion. It was a huge hit!! The kids enjoyed having their own Bunny join their party. 
Phantom was his typical mellow self and just went from yard to yard watching the kids hunt for their eggs and then he enjoyed gathering next to these sweet girls to watch them open their treats. Phantom received a lot of attention today, and he took it like it was no big deal. He held his Stands and Sits and didn't sneak a lick to anyone. 
A shopping trip also took place together with Phantom by our side. My girl is always the eager one to take the puppies into public places - she loves it. So she came along just to work Phantom while I managed the shopping cart and my list. We are a good team that way. The store was crowded (!!) as I expected, but Phantom weaved in and out and worked the crowd with his superb skills. 
I didn't have much to purchase, just the fresh stuff that needed to be last minute, so it was perfect to split the cargo area with Mr. Cool. The challenge was not taken...he could have chosen to eat everything on the ride home that was yummy inside those bags, but he wasn't even curious.

Our Sweet Beagle went to the spa today to get Diva'd and then met Phantom. Cora has been through a combo of living with and hosting 7 dogs in the last three years and so the routine is pretty common for her. First day, the dogs rotate through their own kennels with only one out at a time to give all a chance for all the newness for the Guest to settle in, and a chance for Cora to sniff without feeling threatened. It seems to work well.
And then day two forward is all about getting along and working things out when they are free to wander the house together. Cora was out for thirty minutes wandering before Phantom even cared to follow her around. He would pass her, and she would come over to sniff him, but he didn't follow her or care that she was there. It made me smile because he is the FIRST dog to not want to play right from the start, to not get a little excited where she would take a leap into a safety zone (the couch).

This picture shows Cora leaning into Phantom - a sign that she approves - and the photo is a little fuzzy because I was laughing as Phantom kept wanting to Army Crawl away from her. Maybe she was too perfume scented from her Spa Date ... maybe it needs to wear off a little before he will pay attention to her. Or maaaaybe Phantom just likes me better (wink).

As I type, both are conked out in the family room with the family. Cora is on her bed, and Phantom is by the couch. They are a great team.

Another successful day with Phantom!!

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