Saturday, April 11, 2015

Dear Phantom

We are so thankful that you were able to spend the week with us. You have no idea how much that helped all of us as we continue the wait for Kolby's decision. I really didn't know if I would find any resemblance between you and Kolby (having the same dad), but I was happy that I did. The bond seemed immediate as a result, which made the week so fantastic.
There is something about your eyes that I feel the connection with Kolby. I know you are a different color, a different build, but your actual eye and eyebrows are so deep with expression, drawing your Handler to your soul. It is magnetic. Your Puppy Raiser, I am sure, knows what I am referring to. Unexplainable, but real - something both you and Kolby have. 

My biggest happy take-away is your ability to light up a room when you are given a stuffed toy. Your Puppy Raiser said she calls it "Chewy Chewy" and so we did (and if we didn't understand that correctly - we still found it to work) ... and when you carry it SO PROUDLY around the perimeter of the room, showing all in sight, you vocalize in that perfect Golden way. It is not a growl, but a true bliss, deep voice that says, "I am proud of me!!" It is adorable and my favorite. Oh, how you adore your stuffed toys and care for them so gently. 
I also like how you can give out the loudest Sigh. You are such a mellow fellow that your Sigh just adds to the drama. I can't help but smile. For example, during our sleepless night in the hotel, you were perfectly lightly snoring away and then you'd SIGH. The deepest sigh ever. And I would laugh - like, really?? You are out, I'm the one awake, but you are the one sighing as if this is the hardest night of your life. 

Or you'd be asked to Down while I was busy doing this or that, and eventually you would Sigh as if to say, "Helllloooo, are we done yet!?" .. but Hellloooo, right back at 'ya, Phantom ... you are sooooo mellow, where are you off to in a hurry anyway!?! HA!! 
Your sweet side is contagious. I am sure you are deserving of every single spoiling that you receive with your big brown eyes that melt all who meet you, the way you sit with a slight lean against your Handler for love, and the way you walk at the same pace with not even an inch in the lead. You are the perfect example of a puppy who is not phased by any environment and is there to be your Handler's top dog. 

I loved how you chose to follow me, step by step no matter where I went in our house - you were right there. The house could be crowded like Easter, or in a small hotel room, and you continued to follow me everywhere, right by my side, not pushy, not clingy, just there.  I loved the attention just as much as you loved the attention. 
Phantom - I wish you all the best that your next adventure has to offer you. There will be lots of new things to explore and learn, and if you hang tight to your solid confidence and ability to work hard, you will thrive. I pray that you find your niche and that you are so happy on campus. You will make your match, whether a Graduate or COC, very happy and they will be the luckiest person to call you their own. I will always remember you as the puppy that was the perfect fit to bring us joy, smiles, and fun as we worked adventures with you, and cuddled and loved you for nine days. You are truly the best of the best. 
All our love and wishes, 

One of Your Puppy Sitters

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