Thursday, April 30, 2015

Final Report Card?

Maybe the report card I received today will be Kolby's last? Maybe? There isn't much to say as the report card was strong in all the right boxes and had this comment to share: 

Kolby went on several field trips this last month, including to the outlet mall and the farmers market. He has continued to progress and generalize his command in new ways. He can now push the dishwasher closed. Kolby rotated through the side placement this month. Although he did very well, he did not make a match. I am looking forward to seeing him go through the May team training. 

I found this picture in my Kolby file and thought it was appropriate. I think it says what I'm thinking and feeling going on month 9 of Kolby being on campus. 
I want so badly for his Forever Person to show on campus, to look at him and melt, and say, "This is my dog." I want them to fall in love with everything we know about Kolby and everything we don't know about Kolby that only they will know. I want his person to take lots of photos and beam with pride that Kolby was chosen specifically for them. I want to know their name and story and say, "Of course, the wait was all for this, and this is perfect." 

Team Training begins on Monday. Kolby will once again begin another session and I hope that his person is in the class and falls in love quickly. 

Love you, Kolby. The wait has been long, but the excitement of Team Training never fades. Keep being yourself. xxoo

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