Friday, April 10, 2015

Mini Break

A tiny, mini-Spring Break vacation took us to a campus tour of a potential university that is on the "maybe" list for my daughter's future. It was a beautiful day; full of sunshine and blue sky. Phantom was a great road trek'er hanging out in the back with our luggage and waiting to get out when we arrived at our destination.
I didn't tell the campus that we were coming with a Puppy in Program, and it all worked out. It is always amazing when the puppies blend into a crowd as if they were not even there. Many spied him with a smile, but only about three the entire day asked to pet him. It made for great training as he weaved in and out without having to stop to socialize. He was really working.
The evening brought us to a hotel where he apparently had had a long day because within five minutes he was crashed on the floor in this chosen location. I love how he used his stuffed toy as his chin's pillow. And then that slowly fell away and he rested his lips on his feet. So adorable.
We had dinner out and then took a drive on a beautiful road high along the waterfront. I could have stayed much longer but we were all tired and just wanted to return to the hotel to do nothing. We have had a few busy months stacked and it felt good to simply relax.
We didn't bring a kennel for Phantom knowing that we would invite him to sleep on a bed with us. My son prefers his own space, so he was kind enough to agree that Phantom could bunk with me and my girl. That was fun. We hardly slept all night - and not so much because of Phantom (although he did have his rounds of chasing something in his dream; that was entertaining. HA!), but more because the hotel was rather noisy. Phantom, typical boy, slept right through all of it just like our two-footed boys. But the puppy snuggles made the loudness more tolerable, because who can really get bugged by anything when an adorable, snugly puppy is by your side?
Morning took us back home by way of Tulip Fields. It was so windy and very cold, but we mustered through with lots of laughs and we had a good time. At least it wasn't raining, that came later in the day.
Phantom is leaving us in the morning to return home. So my son and I took him to the U-Wash Dog Spa this evening. There is no sense returning a puppy that smells of a weeks-worth of adventures with Tulip Dirt mixed in, when I have a son who loves the U-Wash Dog Spa. He does a great job and all I have to do is drive, and take the photos.
Thanks for hanging with us, Phantom!! You were an exceptional puppy guest.

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