Tuesday, December 6, 2011

180 degrees of Haddie

Haddie is my first CCI pup, the first dog being trained at this level of prestige under my care, and the first pup intact in our household. So, when I say, "I wonder if ..." and clue in on perhaps she is starting her cycle, I could be completely off. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. But very recently Haddie has a naughty-side directed at my innocent beagle, or stuffed animals, and socks.

With that being stated as fact, this too is fact. I took a huge step and put her on a tie down during piano lessons yesterday (she is just to the right of my chair and piano). Looking back I was taking a big risk as it could have gone either way. Completely poorly, or obviously positive. Positive was the outcome this time, but I should have known better.
I need not push it and instead should always set her up for success. But after awhile, you start to think that you have to test the boundaries somewhat, otherwise you will never know. There always has to be "a first" for a puppy. Thankful her first in this instance was great.

And that's just it. Lately she is just teetering on the edge of naughty and nice and you just never know which way she is going to steer her energy.

But through it all - it is never extremely horrible, therefore, I still have Hope that she is a good fit for CCI. Time and experiences will tell in the end, but I'm still rooting for Haddie's Graduation.


  1. With my first pup there were times that I thought there is no she can graduate when she does that, but they surprise you and grow into amazing dogs! Firsts are a great thing for these dogs, the more they have the better they become!

    My first two puppies went into heat around 10 months of age and Heidi is 13 months now and still hasn't gone into heat. Heat cycles are my least favorite part of raising these girls, they never come in when you expect and when you least expect it there it is.

  2. Thanks Ashley!!! This is helpful and encouraging!! Haddie was SO GOOD at 4H tonight - even the trainer commented. Maybe she just needs really good doggie-mentors of her own breed. Ha! My beagle is really tiny and Haddie might see it more like a toy than a dog - plus she is super passive, which really doesn't help because Haddie needs to be put in her place. =) Anyway ... thanks for the comment.

  3. Hope her naughty side doesn't last long!

    I just passed you the "Liebster Blog Award". You can read about it in my latest post. Have fun with it!

  4. The thing I keep thinking of as Orent clearly hits puberty is that he's grown out of so many things (slowly and frustratingly, but still!) For example, he can be in a down near wood furniture and I don't have to worry he's going to eat it. Woohoo! So I'm hoping he'll wake up one day and be like, "I don't really like the taste of socks. The cat is boring. I think I'll chew and chase my own toys." Keep your fingers crossed that day is before he matriculates!!!

  5. Max - I couldn't agree with you more!! Ha Ha!! Crossing my fingers for both Orent and Haddie! =)