Saturday, December 3, 2011

Haddie tells Santa ...

"I've been a good girl!!" 
Thank you to Robin for taking alllll the pictures of our CCI Chapter's photos this week during class. He posted them on our secured sight, and I wanted to include the best of ours on the blog for our book to Haddie's future forever family.
Santa was fantastic!! I like his expressions the best when the puppies decided to surprise him with a doggie kiss or whisper. As a thank you for coming all the way from the North Pole, our club donated over 400 pounds of food to his Food Bank. It was so nice to see the piles and piles of grocery bags sitting on the floor by the photo shoot display.
Haddie was not keen on jumping on Santa's bench. I'm sure she thought she'd get in trouble by the Big Guy as furniture is off limits at our house. So, we had to pick up the 45 pound gem and place her next to Santa. I'm not real sure she was all too comfortable, as her ears were laying back for every photo. But I will assure you that her tail was wagging constantly - you could see it hanging under the bench swooshing back and forth.
Haddie is just so fun ~ memories that will last a lifetime!

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