Saturday, December 10, 2011

Awww, Blog Friends!!!

Thank you Making of an Angel for awarding Paws For Independence the Liebster Blog Award!! What a nice surprise. The teen author of Making of an Angel does a fantastic job in developing personality in her posts which tell the lovely story of her two dogs; a Coonhound and a Newfoundland. A volume of pictures help tell her stories, and it a great read about her journeys. If you are not already a Follower, sign up now. Thanks, Kat!

In the spirit of keeping the Liebster Award going, I am awarding it to my following Top Dog Blogs: 

Cruisin' with Cricket: the author of this blog shares her life journey with Retinitis Pigmentosa and her Service Dog named Cricket. Her insight on the daily happenings from shopping to fashion, work to airplane traveling, and biking to running with a sight disability is not only inspiring but educational. Her attitude is outstanding. A must read. 

In Training; a KSDS Puppy Blog: I enjoy learning from this veteran puppy raiser. She's been actively raising puppies for KSDS since 2005 and her dogs are A-Mazing. I love all of her pictures, but more importantly the adventures and Non Stop Action that she finds herself in with her current pup, Vance.  

Carver: The Life and Times of a CCI Puppy; I came across the owner's other blog just as they were turning in their Pup, so I was kinda disappointed as I liked what their prior posts had to say. So, imagine how happy I was to hear the announcement when they received their newest puppy named Carver; a new blog was born. This blog is fun as it is written by Carver; which gives an interesting perspective and style of writing. And the fact that Carver is so handsome is a bonus. 

Life With a Guide Dog Puppy in Training: This blog shares photos and is written by a High School Teen. The title says it all - the life of raising a puppy for Guide Dogs of America. It provides good ideas on outings and the photos are adorable!! While GDA and CCI are not associated with one another, the similarity of the love for puppy raising and the end goal are the same. 

Growing a Guide Dog: Recently this blog has been on a writing-vacation, but Jonquil the Puppy is beyond cute! You have to go check out the photos, and the author promised to be back soon. Maybe this will inspire the writing.  =) 

Raising a Super Dog:What can I say about this blog? Brilliant. Humorous. Insightful. Inspiring. A dog blog that takes the ins and outs of Puppy Raising to a perfect mix of "Don't take life too seriously." and "This truly is the best volunteer gig ever." Her writing is top notch and you will become an instant fan. I won't give up too much info - you'll just have to go check it out for yourself. 

My additional choices were Miraculous Journey and One Puppy, One Vest, Loads of Adventures, however, I know they have been awarded from my other choice Just Between Us Check out all three of these blogs and you will find a story of love. Miraculous Journey currently is about the journey of Hobart, Haddie's brother. It is fun to have the connection and to see the similarities and differences of the siblings. One Puppy, One Vest ... is currently going through a transition in puppy raising and I wish her all the best to keep her head up and move forward in confidence. And Just Between Us received her first CCI puppy the day before Thanksgiving and it has been fun to read about the author and puppy's transition, and learn all about the author's amazing training tips. 

For the blogs mentioned above - right click on the Liebster Award on my sidebar to download it, add it to your sidebar, link it to my blog - and then Award Away!! Comment on your Awarded Blogs so they know of their Award, and can continue to pass it forward. 


  1. Thank you very much for the award and the kind words! We love reading your blog too!!!

  2. You're so welcome! You have such a wonderful blog, it's about time someone gave you a well-deserved award. We're so looking forward to reading more about your work with Miss Haddie!

  3. Thank you so much! Passing this on :)

  4. Thank you so much. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring. Love your quotes on the side. Following now :)

  5. Thank you for the award. I truly enjoy seeing how you and your children are so involved with Haddie and how dedicated you are to the real reason we all raise these wonderful dogs.

  6. Thanks so much for the recognition! Just when I think my goal is "that's good enuf" you go and make me blush. I'll send this award onto some great sites that more folk should know about.