Sunday, December 11, 2011

Haddie + Cora

One of my most favorite moments of our day is evening quiet time. When all the homework is done, my husband shuts off his work schedule, and I can pause with them for together time in our family room. The dogs even settle into a form of quiet time; just hanging out in the same room with the family ~ and each other.

Cora loves our gas fireplace. She could stay in this location all! day! if we let her. When she gets in this position, she is pretty much one lazy, carefree Beagle, which always works to Haddie's advantage.

While the family was hanging out together watching a television movie Friday night, Haddie was happily playing at my feet with her toys, checking in with me for hugs, going back to her toy play, pausing to watch the television, taking a quick resting break with my girl, getting kisses from my son, going back to her toy to play, checking in with me for hugs. You get the picture - she was a busy girl but content, calm, and so sweet.
Then she would very quietly sneak up on Cora, and sniff her head, ear, legs with out licking or mouthing her (Yay!), and then she would return to playing with her toys. A routine she did for over half an hour before Haddie settled in next to Cora.

And then this .... for just enough time for me to rapidly snap the photos.
Again, Cora was in a heat-exhausted stooper, but I caught it as proof that she secretively really does like her puppy friend named Haddie!
Cora!! I told ya' she is really sweet!! We'll keep her for another year, mm-k?. 

(*The long leash attached to Haddie is not hooked to anything. It is the Trainer's suggestion to help Haddie learn that Keep Away is never an option. So far, it is working brilliantly!)


  1. So glad they're starting to be friends!

    Cora's a smart girl, the fireplace is the best place to hang near on cold winter nights. That or the wall heater.