Monday, December 12, 2011

Splish! Splash!

My son was begging me to try out his bathtub with Haddie. The last time she was bathed was at my parent's Doggie Spa in their garage. Looking at the calendar and looking at the dog, I decided that his bathtub would have to do.
But in the end, I determined that the Doggie Spa is much easier. Lifting a (at last weight check-in) 45 pound dog up and over the tub sides was not an easy task. At the Doggie Spa, it provides an easy platform for Haddie to gently walk in and out.
Perhaps she is to learn to "jump" into the tub, but given the fact that she is learning new surfaces with caution, I didn't want to expect too much from her. Not to mention that she was already grouched in the football stance ready to bolt if given the opportunity.
Once in the tub she settled on the rubber tub mat, shook her soapy self just once, and enjoyed the warmth of the hair dryer conclusion. Considering it a success!  Splish! Splash!


  1. Lucky you! Orent is a reluctant bather. Without lots of kibble he's trying to bolt out of the tub any time water comes near his head. On the other hand, when he's in the bathroom waiting for us to brush our teeth or something, he wants to climb in the tub... Go figure! He doesn't mind stepping in and out, though, we practiced that early on with no water, just to get him used to the porcelain.

  2. Haddie doesn't move once the water hits, but starting the tub is her first obstacle. Does Orent just step in and out of the tub ... or do you mean shower? Haddie is still too little, she'd really have to jump up and over.