Thursday, December 1, 2011

Santa and Puppies

There aren't many things better than Santa and Puppies!! Santa arrived last night at CCI Puppy Class. We are waiting for the photos of Haddie and the three of us, but I snapped this series of photos by standing behind the professional photographer with my flash off. Aren't they sooooo cute!!! The fluffy furballs ~ and to think that Haddie was their size at one time.
Last night we received notice that Haddie is a graduate of Puppy Class and can join 4H training classes with my son next week. My daughter will continue to work with Haddie too during class time, but will not be a participant at Fair, or have the requirements during the year of a member.

While we are so excited to be official members of 4H it is bittersweet to graduate from Puppy Class. The group of Raisers with puppies Haddie's age were very nice and it was so fun hanging out on Wednesday nights together. Since they do not have children transitioning to 4H, we will be leaving all of them. I'm sure we will bump into them throughout the year, but it just isn't the same. I wish them all Best Wishes for Success!!

The new crew above are our chapter's newest additions to the CCI Family. Welcome and Have Fun!!


  1. Congrats on graduating from puppy class! How far Haddie's come since she came to you guys!

    The pups are so adorable, getting them to all stay put must have been an adventure.

    Have fun in 4-H!