Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wait ...

The black lab was steady, holding her Down like a statue. She hung her head starring at her paw with a treat atop of it. She did not blink, nor move. She was focused and ready for the "Okay" command to eat-that-treat.

My son and I were standing by in amazement. Wooow! That takes so much talent and focus, I mean - we knew the dog was nearing her last week of Puppy Raising, soon to venture to California for turn-in. She had all her learning set and ready to go, the Raiser was just having fun during his last class with her. Regardless that she was about 18 months old, that takes some talent!

We happened to mention something to the Raiser - something along the lines of, "Woooow! She is awesome."  He gave us a grin, but didn't say anything.

Four weeks later ... Haddie is doing this:
Okay, NOW I know that the treat on the paw trick is just that - a party trick that does not take much talent for these pups. Ha! Looking back, I am sure we came across as the complete Rookies that we are!!

On a whim, I decided to try it with Haddie; and she learned in less than two minutes. Not surprising, since she has to Wait for her food every.single.feeding ... so naturally she would not move when I placed a treat on her paw, and commanded Wait.

I love party tricks. I love Haddie. I love learning from my fellow, experienced CCI Peers.


  1. It's useful in other ways too! I worked on that with Dembre young and it taught him to be self controlled. It is essential in CCI terms that the pups have good self control! Congrats on Haddie's step closer to becoming someone's miracle!!!

    ~Elijah & Hobart II

  2. Thanks, Elijah!! It would be such a blessing for her to graduate - of course, right?! I hope she gets a fair chance and makes the cut - many, many months to go, but it is always on my mind. =)