Sunday, November 20, 2011

My son and Haddie

My son is in the fifth grade and his school has a week of half days; which started last week and will continue until Thanksgiving. My daughter is in a different school in the seventh grade and her half days will start tomorrow.

Not being in-sync last week allowed an opportunity for my son to have Haddie all to himself. He opted to go with her to a local Drug Store after school as her outing. It was nice to follow him around and see him work his skills with her.
The two will be in a CCI 4H club once Haddie graduates from Puppy Class. In a year's time the two will be kicking it up at the local Fair. I can't even imagine what that experience will be like for many reasons. The main being I can't picture what Haddie will look like at 14 months old, and my son ready to enter Middle School.
For now, I will take the precious memories of this young boy and his dog playing with the musical Snoopy that moved back and forth at his piano in the pharmacy. It entertained both the boy and his dog. The boy pushed every Snoopy button creating chaos of a sound, but thankfully the music did not play that loudly, so we did not get any stares or sneers.
Haddie, in her typical fashion, just walked alongside him with tail waggin'.

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