Monday, November 28, 2011

Starbucks Sitting

Haddie enjoyed the patio of Starbucks during the warm days of September when she was just a wee one. But the outside air is not filled with Starbucks aroma like it is when one steps into the Cafe and exits smelling like a Coffee Bean. Some like the smell lingering on their clothes. I ... can not. I love the smell of coffee. I do not like the smell of coffee clothing ... and hair.
However, my dislike is not strong enough to not be a patron and hang with family, or friends around the coffee shops tables sipping cute red cups.

Last night we hung out with my extended family, "Just Because". We had not spent Thanksgiving together, and we wanted to catch up before the Holiday Month began. It was a nice way to kick-off the Season.
Oh, yes ... back to Haddie. She came too. I was not sure how long she'd last, but I was willing to roll the dice. I won. She did fantastic!! We were in our little corner of the cafe just shy of two hours. She was not in a down, or sit, or under the entire time. I knew that her age would warrant some exploration, however, she was not into it. The floors were too clean. Nobody else was in the cafe. She was probably just bored. But to me, Haddie was fantastic as she blended into our family.
And focused.

And adorable.

As always.

The CCI Pup passed Starbucks approval. She can hang like the rest of us ... and smell like Coffee Bean too for the drive home.


  1. Yay Haddie!! Even if she was bored, what a wonderful outing! Teaching a nose touch cue is quite helpful for teaching them to go under tables and getting them to move into places they wouldn't usually go.

    I envy Haddie's ability to fit in smaller places. Holly folds up pretty well, but Bri's going to be interesting when she finally starts official outings and needs to fit under tables... talk about a tight fit!

  2. Great outing. Our puppy class was cancelled today so I can't pick up Hobart's "logo cape." I'm excited to start taking him out. Haddie seems like she's progressing really nicely. You're doing a great job!

    ~Elijah & Hobart II