Tuesday, November 1, 2011

mall walking

Our CCI Pup is fond of Mannequins. I am sure she sees the shoe-less feet and think, "Human, pet me!" My adventures with her so far have taken place immediately after dropping off my last child at school. It works best for Haddie's young puppy age - she's already had her morning nap by 9a and she's ready to work.
Look at me.
I am finding that it is bitter cold this time of year at 9a. This morning I could not muster the courage to suit up in my good winter coat and head for the golf cart path for a walk with the fog coming out of my mouth, and her nostrils. I wanted a warm place to get her wiggles out and to get her socialized.
Look at the kids.
The Mall.  Yes, I was part of the over-seventy crowd this morning who did the mall walk before the stores opened. To Haddie's left were the windows of every store, to her right was me. We walked every nook and cranie of the perimeter of the mall. And she spotted every. single. mannequin.
Back at me.
At first, she was a prancing puppy that went nose first into the window. It wasn't until half way around did she realize that every Mannequin was behind glass. Slow learner in that regard. Haddie was fascinated. Sometimes she would just stop, sit, and wag her tail looking up at the faceless girl.
Back at the kids.
While it is was adorable to watch her excitement and interest, it will be an area I will have to continue to work on breaking. I doubt she would pass CCI standards if she is more fascinated by a plastic, lifeless, human figure.
Me again.
We also visited the Children's Playland in the center of the mall. We sat for twenty minutes and let Haddie figure out that high-pitched screams coming from a three foot body does not necessarily mean danger. Her eyes just longed to join the group of littles. Sigh.
Kids again.
Haddie was interested in the kids sliding down the plastic tree, rapidly running from here to there, all the while s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g ... and she was interested in gazing into my eyes and willing herself goodness for a reward.
Hard days work for this CCI Pup:
Photo shoot
Screaming, delighted child
Such a good mall walker.

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