Sunday, October 30, 2011

Outings with children

My kids have taken full ownership on socializing Haddie on weekends. I love it! A quick break for me, an opportunity for Haddie to learn to obey from others, and my kids getting that one on one experience in training. Of course, I am there as backup and taxi driver, but for the most part - I step back and "let it be" with my kids in charge.
Observing her pet store world
Yesterday we went to the franchised Pet Store where they were having a kitten adoption day. There were plenty of kitties, but the cages were too high off the ground for Haddie to even notice. The fish got her attention, and the ferrets. The wandering shopping-dogs were a curiosity, but she did a much better job of just letting them be.

My son joined Haddie and me on our evening walk through the golf course. While he didn't have the leash, we enjoyed chatting the whole way with Haddie trotting beside us.
The cutest face watching fish
Today we went to Church with Haddie and it was my girl's turn to handle her. She has the leash correction down like a pro. I am very impressed and need to take a few tips. We sat in the balcony, our current favorite spot with Haddie's age. We were able to get the front row, so Haddie nestled her way between the short wall and our feet, before she truly settled down in her favorite place; Under the pew to a sleep. Every week she is getting better at just chillin' out more quickly than the week before.
Haddie doing what she does best ~
paying attention to the one in charge.
When she is bigger, and more reliable in her settling down, we will venture to the main floor where she will see feet, purses, and umbrella's under the pew. A whole new set of training, I'm sure. It never gets old being a Puppy Raiser.

Outings with my children rank up there as my favorite time of the week!!

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