Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who knew .... A fabric store could be so fun.

My husband is the creative-genius in our family. A graduate of a well-known Art School and Designer by trade, he is quickly handed the parental duty of all things crafty. Such as - yearly Halloween Costumes.

I will save the reveal of my kiddos costumes for a later date, and while they are phasing out of Trick-or-Treating due to age, they do kick up the festivities at a yearly Cousins Halloween Party. A costume is always in order.

After school, a round of golf for my husband, and dinner, we headed out late to the Fabric Store. It was the first true social outing of Haddie in the dark of night. She did great, and sometimes I wonder if there will ever be a moment when it will not be great. I'm not asking for it - I'm just wondering.
The store was basically empty as it was nearing the last hour before closing. However, the five different couples and families that were in the store with us all took time to visit with Haddie. My husband asked privately if this celebrity-status was normal. Not really. It was just a very open, highly talkative, and interested group of strangers. It was nice.

One older gentleman apparently raised a dog in his younger years for "the blind", his quote. I don't know if he really did or not, but he felt it necessary to make bird calls at Haddie. I had to smile. Haddie did the traditional head tilt like most puppies would, then out smarted him when she figured out quickly that it was a human acting like a bird. She was unimpressed. She quickly lost focused on him, and looked at me the remainder of the time. That's when I giggled, and he moved on.

Other than the bird-calling, the other highlight was Haddie sticking her noise in the Halloween dish with the hand - you've all seen them. Once your hand nose gets into the bowl, the skeleton hand falls down upon it and starts talking.  Haddie thought that was great fun. Over and over and over. I wish I had a picture or video of that.

A pure joy to wander aimlessly through the fabric and craft isles with Haddie while my hubby and kids worked on their project purchases. Who knew ... a fabric store could be so fun!

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