Saturday, October 1, 2011

For my dad ....

My dad is a hobbyist wood-worker. He makes beautiful pieces for his family. One of the pieces that we have received is this beautiful Chinese Checkers board; with a handmade matching wooden box filled with marbles. The marbles used to be down by the game board until Haddie came to our house - tipping the box over on her first day - spilling marbles every where. Puppies Home!
The box has since been moved to higher elevation, but from that day forward, at least once a day, Haddie will lay on top of the board. I am sure the scent is calming - a nice waft of wood stain does it to me too. Mmmm, smells so good.
I love her look. Especially with her paw on top of the game board as if to say she just moved her invisible marble piece and now it is my turn.

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  1. WOW, your dad is very talented. Love the photos of Haddie