Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Outing to the hardware store

I think I found our hangout spot on cold, dreary days of Fall. The local big box Hardware Store!! It is warm, well lit for those sun-deprived Puppy Raisers and Puppies, and the strolling of isles creates a whole lot of entertainment on what I can add to our To Do List for the house.
I am sure the employees have had their fair share of animals roaming their store - as they were not surprised at all of the cute yellow furry friend by my side. The employees either ignored, or ooh'd and aah'd with a "Is it in training?" question before asking if they could pet her. It was nice. It seemed to be a nice step in training for Haddie. A controlled environment for those baby steps in training. Just enough noises being made, and (eventually) forklifts going by, and of different smells to create distractions.

When we were finished with our walk and practicing of Commands - we walked the many sidewalks in the large shopping plaza. She is still fond of looking at her reflection in the windows, but she is much better about not getting distracted by herself.

She is just a sweet puppy. So happy she is our first experience. Perhaps we are spoiled - so we are taking full advantage of her awesome character and personality.

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  1. Aw, what a great outing. Haddie and Hobart sound so much alike! It's fun to follow siblings!