Monday, October 10, 2011


Sunday. I didn't even think about the crowd at Costco. I usually go during school hours when it is just a few folks shopping. It wasn't until I pulled up into the parking lot and parked in the back acre did I question the choice to attend Costco with Haddie on a Sunday.

My girl and I had it planned - she would handle Haddie and I would carry the laundry detergent that we desperately needed. We couldn't back out due to the crowd because we all needed clean clothes. 

And ... we knew that even though Haddie is a wee-one, she would benefit from the Costco Chaos in some way. 
We ventured forth with confidence, Haddie too. My girl had her stop and sit throughout our journey, but it was too crowded for a Down command. In fact, one man pushing the large Costco cart politely warned that we might want to watch our dog's tail as he was rounding toward us while Haddie was in a Sit. Tail saved, all was fine. 

This was my girl's first experience handling Haddie solo in a store. I am working on reminding the kids to walk with Loose Leash ... funny that Haddie isn't the one pulling, but my kids are pulling the leash tight (smile).  It'll come - it just takes practice to know where to hold the leash by your side so that the Gentle Leader ring angles to the floor, and not to the side. 

It was a Sunday delight hanging with my girl and our CCI friend.


  1. YAY for the little victory! That's awesome! And kudos to your daughter!

  2. Good Job, Haddie! It usually seems that Costco is the place for an embarrassing puppy raising story. When I took my first pup into Costco, we were almost done when Mindy's walking all of a sudden got a lot slower to see that she was leaving behind a present! Thankfully we got it cleaned up quickly without much notice, and Mindy learned how to notify me when she needed to use the latrine.