Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Haddie goes to the Dentist

After school yesterday all the kids in the household went to the dentist. Haddie came too. She made celebrity status instantly as the receptionist, Rebecca, feel in love quickly with Haddie's sweet face and good manners.

It was nice to have time to really talk about CCI and the purpose of Puppy Raising. I am sure Haddie met every staff member, as Rebecca was sure to make it known that they had a very adorable visitor in the waiting room that all must see.
And then ... the Dental Hygienist who was assigned to my son could not pass up the opportunity to get the Dentist to take a break with patients to meet Haddie. And so he did. It was mutual happy on both sides - Haddie's tale was wagging like crazy, and the Dentist could not get enough of her.
Because I corrected Haddie in Don't Lick, he laughed and said that if there is any chance where we don't want Haddie to graduate - to be sure to have him spend more time with her (ha ha). That lead in nicely to how the program works in that if she is not a graduate, that we can help place Haddie. His eyes did that, "Oh, don't even tempt me."- look.
The adorable torture of a very good, well behaved, awesome puppy!  Love that part of puppy raising!
My list is growing as my backup plan of forever pet families, but in all seriousness, my goal, prayer, and heart is for Haddie to Graduate!

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  1. Yay for Haddie!!

    So jealous right now! I've got to get a cavity filled soon... I'm not going to make Holly go, since she'd just get really stressed out. I can't put it off too much longer, maybe if I stay up long enough I'll be too tired to panic while strangers are poking around in my mouth!