Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Haddie's First Pumpkin Patch Adventure

According to the trusty online weather forecast, today is to be our last "good" day for a week. Thankfully, I had my calendar clear and took advantage by going to the Pumpkin Patch with Haddie.
There were loads and loads of preschoolers on Field Trips. Yay! The high pitched squeals were perfect, although the parents were in their own little world and didn't want to come near the "Puppy In Training".  I too didn't want to make a scene and disrupt their Field Trip by calling loudly, something like, "Coooome Pet The Pupppppppy ....".  I figured that would be negative CCI-marketing.

But there were plenty of other distractions for Little Miss Haddie.

Take for instance this Giant Scarecrow that was blowing about with Hot Air by a very noisy generator.
Haddie noticed it from a distance, and was cautious and curious. We took baby steps before we were close enough; walking a little ways, commanding a Sit, observing, then walking closer, and repeating. It worked well. All the while streams of kids were flocking by with their high pitched, sweet voices of excitement for being at a Pumpkin Patch!!!
There were little statues around too, however, Haddie has seen enough of these where they don't interest her any longer. Amazing how many statues one notices when they are out and about working with a Puppy In Training. I thought this was the cutest display. I love me some Black and White Cows!
Hay, soft mucky ground, Pumpkins, giant Spiders, lots of sweet fair-type food smells - a great setting for Haddie to learn. And I think she enjoyed the smell of farmland; as we got to the open field where our car was parked, she decided to do a quick roll through the wet grass before I even had time to state the Hurry command. She can be speedy quick in doing what she wants to do. That one caught me off guard.
I'm so glad we were able to catch the sun, and a little bit of warmth, for Haddie's First Pumpkin Patch Adventure.

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