Sunday, October 9, 2011

She has accepted her bed

For those of you raising working puppies - I am sure you will appreciate this post. This is the post where you should hear Angels singing and know that our house is relatively quiet in anticipation of how long the pup will conform to the rules at this moment of writing.

Haddie has a Crate, and Haddie has a Bed. The Crate is used for times when no human is available to watch her like a hawk. For the times when we need to take a shower, or clean the house rapidly, or focus on cooking, things like that. And especially for night time and when we leave the house.

Haddie's Bed is for tie-downs; where she is hooked via leash to an eye-hook bolt into the floor for the times when we are in the same room, but we want her to Stay in her bed. For the first month, she has played with toys while in a tie down. Letting her see that it is a good thing to be in a tie-down, and not a punishment.

Lately I have not used the tie-down for toy play; allowing her to move about the family room learning house etiquette and rules for toys. She does great!

But what I really want her to learn is how to use her Bed for the times when she just wants to relax and sleep. When we are home, and able to keep an eye on her. She has truly outgrown the kitchen table, and the permanent place I'd like to see her when she chooses to sleep is in her Bed.

This morning she had time to play and roam, and then it was time to put away the toys and get her to settle. And that's when I happened to observe this:
Haddie found her bed on her own, settled down, and fell asleep. Snoring was the clue that she really was zonked out, and the Hallelujah Chorus rang out.

We are into the first 10 minutes and so far everything is looking good.

Quote by hubby: If she can put up with my NFL Sunday roaring cheers - she's doing good!


  1. YAY!!! That's nice! Way to go Haddie!!!!!

  2. Ha, yeah, it's totally true! I've got a 5-month old guy and he just this week starting sleeping ON his bed. Funnily, he'd sleep UNDER it for a while, but now he seeks it out for resting and serious teething.

    You can see how thrilled we were: