Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bath Day!

Haddie has outgrown our little utility sink in our laundry room. I know that we have a bathtub option just upstairs, but when there is a perfect dog-bath set-up at my parent's house ... why would I choose my own bathtub?!! My parents house = social time!!
My parents are the best! They truly make me feel like their home is my home, even though they purchased the home as I was headed to college, and I only lived there for a short while during the summer months. But it feels like my home because ... well, that's just my parent's way.
My parents have a Portuguese Water Dog who is beautiful! They take great care in making sure he is groomed in a timely manner by a professional, and all those times he ventures to their fenced acre backyard and returns mud-dy, he gets a spa from my dad. The dog has it made, and their house stays human-like with a clean dog.
Haddie and I spent the morning at their Doggie Spa, and then time with my mom inside catching up while Haddie practiced Hanging Out. It was fun! We've been invited back, so I am sure this will become a monthly routine.
Haddie did great, despite her being a little nervous. Her nervous is actually very manageable in that she doesn't freak - she just stays put and in this case was a little shaky. Nothing outrageous, but it was there. As a result of her good cooperation, we were able to get through the bath time in no time. It was easy, and she didn't shake the water off at all. Yea! I consider that great success.
Then for fun - which turned out helpful - we put her on their dog table and dried her with their dog's hair dryer. I was pleasantly surprised that Haddie did not mind the noise nor the warm air. She was a trooper. We got her "dry enough" for her to enter the house to complete the drying process while we chatted and she was on a leash beside me.
My parent's dog and Haddie did not meet, however. Another day in the future, but baby steps for both. Now we have a shiny yellow dog that smells sooooooo good!! Just in time for the 4H Halloween Party tonight.

Thanks, Mom, for a fun morning, for the spa, and for taking pictures!!


  1. I have enjoyed your adventures with Haddie! You can tell that you are relishing every moment with her.

    Jonquil loves baths. Maybe she loves showers more, I don't know. She thinks the hair dryer is trying to antagonize her. Everyday while I dry my hair she tries to bite the air that blows in her direction. Lol. We are working on that.

  2. C and H - YES, we are all enjoying every challenge, and blissful moments. Jonquil is adorable! Isn't it fun to watch them learn about their world? Haddie looks up at the stars every night during her last break before bedtime. It is sooooo cute - just stands and looks straight up. It's fun seeing life through their eyes. =)