Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stealth Stalker

Our floorplan is arranged where our kitchen is the center of our house. From there you can make a complete loop to the front of the house, to the back of the house, crossing the foyer where stairs lead up. 

Haddie has only gone up the stairs twice by herself in almost two months of living here. Partly because she has just gained confidence in this new found freedom, and partly because she obeys well and just knows my thoughts about the stairs. I would prefer her to wait to be invited up. 

We hang out in the kitchen and family room sections of our house. When Haddie goes "missing" I make my trek either through the dinning room, or the hallway, to get to the foyer where I think she is contemplating whether to take a chance to try the stairs solo. 

Sometimes, I will just yell, "Haddie ... Here!" and I hear her cloppity feet and see her sweet face arriving to the room I'm in . Other times, I go on a trek to find her before I call. If she is behaving, then I'm okay with letting her be. 

Recently, as I set out to find her, she's not where I think she is. No sign in the dinning room. No sign in the living room. No sign at the base of the stairs, or the top. Hmmm.... then I call, "Haddie..." and before I get the word Here out of my mouth, I see a cute tail flicking back and forth behind me. 

The little stealth stalker has been Following Me!!!
Cracks me up - she does it more times than not, but I still can't figure out how she winds up behind me as I certainly have not spotted her as I was walking through the house. She must be arriving in the kitchen from the opposite direction as I start out to find her. 

She's so adorable - and such a great dog!! I love her sneaky-side. I am sure she know what she is doing, and curious why I haven't clued in. 

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