Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She's 29 pounds exact

Her final booster shots were administered today and she weighed in at exactly 29 pounds. All 29 pounds of  love, focus, and playfulness.
Tonight we are venturing to the 4H club associated with our chapter of CCI. They are having an Awards Banquet and invited my son to come along; and to receive his Welcome Certificate.

My son has been asking over and over to join. We were hesitant only because we did not want to take away anything CCI-related from our daughter, whose schedule is full and adding another commitment to her plate is not advisable.

But, after further discussions with the trainer, we found that she can continue to share Haddie during the weekly classes, and the "extra stuff" that is 4H-related can be my son's adventure.

Perfect! I like it when things just work out, and the family remains happy, and our goal to get Haddie's title as CCI Graduate can continue to move forth. I think 4-H will be a good fit for my son, and Haddie.

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