Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Noises and Big Things

On today's adventure, Haddie learned the ropes of browsing. Walking the isles with no purpose in mind other than to look around and learn about this great, big world.

We landed in the Home and Garden section of our local "one-stop-shopping" place. I could see this Black Bear statue before Haddie could, as I had visual over the shelving unit that was blocking her view. I was prep'd and ready for a scared pup - but found only a prancing puppy that wanted to paw at the Bear's foot. Where is my "That was easy" button?!
We continued walking and found my friend who works in the clothing department. We chatted for a good ten minutes, while Haddie learned to be patient. We have been working on her Stay command; and it's fairly too new to require great work in public. However, Haddie either Sat or was Down staring at me the entire time! I figure that deserves a High Five to Haddie. She never sniffed the floor, or got into the clothes hanging low to the ground. She just transferred from a Sit to a Down from my left to my right and kept looking at me. My friend laughed at how focused she was on me.

We finished our adventure in the toy section. I decided it was appropriate to push buttons and make some noise. Haddie especially was fond of Mickey Mouse. She went into her Football Stance (buns in the air, while her chest was on the ground) and would spring forward ending with a Pawing motion and tail wagging. I let her get her wiggles out and then I had her observe while Sitting. She did fairly well, but really she just wanted to play with Mickey.
The white dog grabbed both of our attention as we walked past because it was motion sensored. However, this time, Haddie sat and twisted her head back and forth while the dog made barking noises and whimper sounds. I think she was a little worried that the dog was in a box and perhaps felt she needed to be on her best behavior or else ...
Haddie is just a sweetheart. I just love hanging out with her finding new adventures.
Misc Happenings:

She is s a teething-machine this week - losing about five of her front baby teeth and constantly wanting to chew on her toys. She is self-entertained, so I am not complaining, but I am looking forward to when the babies are out and the permanents are in.

Tuesday are Toe Days for both dogs in our house. Today Haddie did not fuss while my husband clipped her back toenails. She has grown up tremendously from the first day we clipped. Yay!

Evenings are my favorite time to cuddle Haddie. She is like a soft blanket that melts like butter with all the love and attention to our constant hugs and holding. The kids and I have to get our fair share before we head to bed - and thankfully, she is less puppy-like and tolerates it and finds ways to give us love back.

She knows the Here command. Very confident in returning from toyland, following Cora, or exploring the house to see "What's up" with whomever called "Here!".

Our lil'CCI Roommate is a gem.

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