Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Party Fun 4H Style

I love to see my son beaming and that is just what was going on last night at the 4H Halloween Party. We are flexing our time with 4H - partly because we live so far away from the Kennel where all CCI classes and 4H club meet, I can't justify going twice per week on a regular basis, and partly because Haddie has not graduated from Puppy School which is a mandatory before we can devote our CCI Training classes to just the 4H club.

But we have been given the invitation to always come to the 4H Parties in addition to Puppy School. Last night was one of those events. I am so glad we didn't let the drive stop us, because my son was smiling the entire night being in charge of our pup with his sister by his side, dressed up, and mingling with new friends.

Just a second - here's a behind the scenes story that took place literally ten minutes before we had to leave home for our long drive.

Son: "Mom, I'm not gonna dress up." 
Me: "Why? It's a costume party."
Dad: "Uhm, why are we going if you are not going to participate?"
Son: "My real Halloween costume is just TOO big and awkward for this." 
Daughter: "Hey, I got an idea ... come with me ..." 

Thankfully my son was in an agreeable mood and off they went upstairs and returned five minutes later ready to go. Whew!! PERFECT costumes!!! Not only did my girl figure out their costumes, but Haddie's costume was handmade four years ago for our pet beagle, Cora, by my girl too.

Farmers going to the Fair with their Prized Pumpkin!!!
Haddie did better in the 4H Club than in Puppy School, and I am sure it was because the other dogs completely ignored her. It was very good for her, humbling really. "What? Nobody wants to come greet and play with me? What did I do wrong?!" Ahh, nothing, Haddie ... this is just the way you are supposed to behave - ignore them.  She got the gist real quick and was really well behaved - except for this quick kissing fest while nobody was watching:
All the 4H kiddos received a Costume Prize with their puppy ... a large real pumpkin, a squeaky toy, and a small pumpkin filled with treats. My son and Haddie won for "Cutest Puppy".  Of course!!!
My hubby is not a regular with us to CCI classes; we agreed that he can come to take photos for just the special events. So it fell into perfect timing that he was with us last night, because Haddie had outgrown her crate. Our CCI Chapter shares crates - turn in your crate, get a crate (if one is available).  All left over crates through the year are taken to California during turn-in times, which happens next week, so we had to get up to the school attic before the current stash of crates are returned.
I was not about to climb the ladder and get up to the attic. Insert sweet smile and batting eyes to my hubby. He picked a great one (minus it not being cleaned prior to storage), and I just turned an eye as we put Haddie into the yuckiness (after her bath, remember) to drive home. As soon as we got home, I did a full scrub down of the crate in the bathtub. It was a tight squeeze, a lotta time, and lots of elbow grease, but it looks spankin' new. Yea!! Haddie deserves that!!

Halloween Party Fun 4H Style was such a great Treat!


  1. Love the costumes, I'm jealous of your daughter's talent. When it comes to sewing I'm hopeless. :)

    I believe I see Nimby too! Handsome boy.

  2. WOW, love the costumes. And sounds like such a great time!